Our Projects

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[heading]Some our recent projects include the following: [/heading]

Ellis Island

Since 2009 to the present, EMS of NY has been involved with remediation projects on Ellis Island National Monument. These projects have included monitoring and planning of remediation activities for the purpose of building stabilization in 23 buildings.  Contaminants such as asbestos, lead and pigeon guano were targeted for these projects.  Areas of gross contamination were cleaned and disposed of properly while not disturbing or destroying the historic fabric of the buildings. These services were performed to allow safe access into the historic structure for persons to develop and implement procedures to preserve and restore.  EMS of NY has performed these services for the National Park Services as well as for privately funded foundations.  These services were performed in cooperation with several large local general contractors.

Orange County Government Center (New York)

EMS of NY, as part of its contractual work for the County of Orange, was brought in due to an emergency that occurred at the Orange County Center building located in Goshen, NY.

Flooding caused by excessive rain from Hurricane Irene caused the power to fail at the County Center and also contaminated part of the lower level with residual fuel oil from old lines.  Additionally, the massive rain intrusion into the interior of the building in many areas created water damage.  EMS of NY was involved with oversight of the oil clean up and also initiated a comprehensive survey of water damaged areas to ascertain if the moisture intrusion would contribute to fungal growth.  A variety of survey and sampling techniques were utilized to accomplish this.

Juilliard at Lincoln Center

EMS of NY has provided environmental consulting at the Juilliard School since 2006.  This environmental consulting has been conducted in association with day to day activities, as well as in conjunction with major renovation activities.  Environmental Management Solutions has performed services including survey and design, development of specifications and associated drawings, testing/analytical services, and training.  Areas of environmental concern such as asbestos, lead, PCB’s, formaldehyde, and indoor air quality have been targeted.  EMS of NY has worked closely with staff, administrators, general contractors, sub-contractors and architects to ensure tasks with environmental components have minimal impact on the entire project.

County of Orange
Pei Cobb Freed/Fuller & D’Angelo
Goldman Sachs
Davis Construction, Inc. (DCCI)
Columbia University
Kreisler Borg Florman
US Dept. of Interior
West Point Military Academy
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