About Us

About Us

We work to satisfy our customers’ requirements in order to fulfill their individual needs. We seek strategic partnerships with our customers and suppliers on a local and global level in order to enhance mutual interests. Our challenge is to contribute to global environmental protection, energy conservation and the quality of life through the design and application of sensible environmental science and technology. We live by high values of integrity and excellence. We understand that our staff is the core of our success and we are committed to nurturing their talents and initiatives.

Our Staff

EMS of NY has several qualified employees and numerous part time employees available on an as needed basis and with varied experience and licenses, including:

  • Certified Industrial Hygienist
  • Certified Safety Professional
  • Certified Hazardous Materials Managers
  • NYS Department of Labor and Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act Certified Asbestos Inspectors and Management Planners
  • Project Designers (N.Y.S. I. Classification)
  • Project Monitors and Air Sampling Technicians (N.Y.S. H. and C. Classification)
  • Laboratory Technicians and Analysts
  • Environmental Protection Agency Certified Lead Based Paint Inspectors
  • Risk Assessors, Project Designers & Professional Engineers

Each employee is required to be well versed in the interpretation and understanding of the rules, regulations and guidelines set forth by governmental, state, and local agencies as applicable to each project they are involved with.

All of our personnel are experienced and well trained. By utilizing EMS of NY you can rest assured that you will receive the specialized customer service and quality work that has become our trademark.

Staff and Admistration

Marco Pedone  ● President, Principal, CEO

Fabio Pedone  ● VP

Kim Trapanese ● Executive Administrator

David Charbonneau ● Sr Project Manager

EMS employees are individual members of these reputable organizations:

American Industrial Hygiene Association

American Society of Safety Engineers

Institute of Hazardous Material Management